Yorkie #22


Tiny Teacup Yorkie for sale

Doubtless all successful breeders and exhibitors of the Yorkie puppy have their little secrets. And their peculiar methods of inducing the growth of hair. They regulate the diet with extreme particularity, keeping the dog lean rather than fat. And giving him nothing that they would not themselves eat. Bread, mixed with green vegetables, a little meat and gravy, or fresh fish, varied with milk puddings and Spratt’s “Toy Pet” biscuits, should be the staple food. Bones ought not to be given, as the act of gnawing them is apt to mar the beard and moustache.

For the same reason it is well when possible to serve the food from the fingers. But many owners use a sort of mask or hood of elastic material which they tie over the dog’s head at meal-times to hold back the long face-fall and whiskers, that would otherwise be smeared and sullied. Similarly as a protection for the coat, when there is any skin irritation and an inclination to scratch, linen or cotton stockings are worn upon the hind feet.

Tiny Teacup Yorkie for sale

Many exhibitors pretend that they use no dressing, or very little, and this only occasionally. For the jackets of their Yorkshire Terriers; but it is quite certain that continuous use of grease of some sort is not only advisable but even necessary. Opinions differ as to which is the best cosmetic, but Hairmero, the dressing prepared for the purpose by Miss D. Wilmer, of Yoxford, Suffolk, could not easily be improved upon for this or any other long-coated breed.


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