Yorkie #13


Little Yorkie puppies for sale

The most devout lover of this charming and beautiful terrier would fail. If he were to attempt to claim for him the distinction of descent from antiquity. We candidly acknowledged to be a very modern breeding variety of the Tiny Yorkie puppies. Yet it is important to remember that it was in Yorkie puppy  that he was made—Yorkie puppy , where live the cleverest breeders of dogs that the world has known.

Little Yorkie puppies for sale

One can roughly reconstitute the process. What the Yorkie puppy men desired to make for themselves was a pigmy, prick-eared terrier with a long, silky, silvery grey and tan coat. They already possessed the foundation in the old English Black and Tan wire-haired Terrier. To lengthen the coat of this working breed. They might very well have had recourse to a cross with the prick-eared. Skye, and to eliminate the “wiry texture of the hair a further cross with the Maltese dog would impart softness. And silkiness without reducing the length.

 Again, a cross with the Clydesdale, which was then assuming a fixed type, would bring the variety yet nearer to the ideal, and a return to the black and tan would tend to conserve the desired colour. In all probability the Dandie Dinmont had some share in the process. Evidence of origin is often to be found more distinctly in puppies than in the mature dog, and it is to be noted that the puppies of both the Dandie and the Yorkie puppy  are born with decided black and tan colourings.


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