Yorkie #12


Small parti yorkies for sale

For the full display of their beauty, Yorkie puppy s depend very much upon careful grooming. It is only by grooming that the silvery cascade of hair down the dog’s sides and the beautiful tan face-fall that flows like a rain of gold from his head can be kept perfectly straight and free from curl or wrinkle. And no grease or pomade, even if their use were officially permitted, could impart to the coat the glistening sheen that is given by the dexterous application of the brush.  The gentle art of grooming is not to be taught by theory. Practice is the best teacher. But the novice may learn much by observing the deft methods employed by an expert exhibitor.y

Small parti yorkies for sale

GENERAL APPEARANCE—That of a long-coated pet dog, the coat hanging quite straight and evenly down each side. A parting extending from the nose to the end of the tail. The animal should be very compact and neat, his carriage being very sprightly; bearing an air of importance. 

Although the frame is hidden beneath a mantle of hair, the general outline should be such as to suggest the existence of a vigorous and well-proportioned body. HEAD—Should be rather small and flat, not too prominent or round in the skull; rather broad at the muzzle, with a perfectly black nose. Also the hair on the muzzle very long, which  should be a rich, deep tan, not sooty or grey. Under the chin, long hair, about the same colour as on the crown of the head, which should be a bright, golden tan, and not on any account intermingled with dark or sooty hairs.


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