The Bull-Terrier

Good Pit Bull-terrier for sale “The breed is sufficiently modern to leave no doubt as to its derivation. In the first quarter of the nineteenth century attention was being directed to the improvement of terriers generally. New types were sought for ,Making them very alert and agile little dogs. Excellent for work and walks in the country but the extravagant up kept Pitbull’s of the time—the young american pitbulls who patronized the prize-ring and the best diet for pitbulls to have a dog who should do something more than to have bully pitbulls for adoption, or unearth the fox, or bolt the otter. Which accomplishments afforded no amusement to the Town. They wanted a dog combining all the dash and gameness of the bully terrier he is with the heart and courage and fighting instinct of the bulldog terrier.

Bully Terrier

Good Pit Bull-terrier
Good Pit Bull-terrier

Bully and Terrier mix

The Bull-terrier is now a gentlemanly and Respectably owned dog.  Wearing an immaculate white coat and a burnished silver collar; he has dealings with aristocracy, and is no longer contemned for keeping bad company. Thus a generation or two ago he was commonly the associate of rogues and vagabonds, skulking at the heels of such members of society as Mr. William Sikes, whom he accompanied at night on darksome business to keep watch outside while Bill was within, cracking the crib. In those days the dog’s ears were closely cropped, not for the sake of embellishment, but as a measure of protection against the fangs of his opponent in the pit when money was laid upon the result of a well-fought fight to the death.

For fighting was the acknowledged vocation of his order, Strength and physiques he was bred and trained to the work. “Gradually the Pitbull and Bulldog terrier element. As the first bully terrier dog to be pronounced as the Champion bully . Which reduced to something like a fourth degree, and, with the terrier character predominating. The head was sharpened, the limbs were lengthened and straightened until little remained of the Bulldog”. Good Pit Bull-terrier for sale are always more expensive because not every body can care for them.