Yorkie #21

Dam: Bessie
Sire: Mikki
Ready to come home:

Expected Weight: 5-7 lbs


Cute Yorkie Babies for sale

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies are they are commonly known, are wonderful family pets. Yorkies typically remain at 5 to 8 pounds at full-size. Best Yorkies are happy as lapdogs that require very little space. Yorkies shed very little, which makes them great for people with mild asthma or dander allergies. Here at the best puppy Farm , we typically carry small breeds like Yorkie puppies.

Cute Yorkie Babies for sale

Hi my name is Daisy! I’m an extra special puppy that is in search of an extra special family. Requirements are that you love puppy kisses and snuggles. I love playing with my favorite toys and would be glad to share them with you. Believe me when I say, that I am the best puppy you will ever meet! I know I will love my forever and family and I can’t wait to meet them. Pick me!


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