Teacup Maltipoo #85


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When you’re not able to come pick up your puppy in person, this is the next best option. We can arrange either ground transportation or air transportation via a flight nanny, whichever is available based on your location and the schedule of our nannies. If your puppy is flying with a nanny, this price includes the cost of travel, travel crate, and tickets.

Ground transportation allows the nanny to make frequent stops for bathroom breaks and be there if the puppy needs anything along the ride and your puppy will be delivered to your door.

If a flight nanny is available, this person will sit on the airplane with the puppy. They will take your puppy to designated puppy spots within the airport before take off, and will be there with the puppy the entire time during flight. You must be able to meet the nanny at your nearest airport to pick up your puppy with this option. Buy Teacup Maltipoo for adoption

We do not currently deliver outside of the continental U.S. Canada families may meet our flight nannies at the U.S. border. 


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