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The largest entry took place in 1881, when there were fifteen; but in 1890 there was not a single teacup maltipoo shown. From this time, however, the numbers rapidly increased. Commencing in 1891 with fourteen, increasing in 1901 to sixty. It culminated in 1905 with the record number of one hundred and twenty-five.

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 Such a rapid advance between the years 1890 and 1905 is unprecedented in the history of dog shows, although it is right to add that this extraordinarily rapid rise into popularity has since been equalled in the case of the now fashionable Pekinese. Buy from Reputable Maltipoo breeders.

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This tendency to advancement in public favour was contemporaneous with the formation of the teacup maltipoo Club of England and USA, which was founded in 1891, and through its fostering care the teacup maltipoo has reached a height of popularity far in advance of that attained by any other breed of toy dog. One of the first acts of the club was to draw up a standard of points as follows:

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The teacup maltipoo sales should be a compact, short coupled dog, well knit in frame. He should exhibit great intelligence in his expression, and activity and buoyancy in his deportment. HEAD AND NOSE—Should be foxy in outline or wedge-shaped, the skull being slightly flat, large in proportion to the muzzle, which should finish rather fine and free from hippiness. The teeth should be level, and should on no account be undershot.

The nose should be black in white, orange and sable dogs; but in other colour may be self, but never parti-colour or white. EARS—Should be small, not set too far apart, nor too low down, but carried perfectly erect like those of a fox, and, like the head, should be covered with short, soft hair.


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