Famous Pit Bulls

This Famous-pit-bulls will turn every head he meets. He is beautiful inside and out! Jone loves to snuggle up in your lap but when it is play time, nothing will slow this little guy down! If you are looking for the perfect size puppy to take with you everywhere, look no further because this guy is the one!

Name: Famous-pit-bulls
Breed: American Pitbull Terrier
Sex: Male
Age:12 weeks
Registry: AKC
Availabilty: Ready to go
Training: Basic


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They are now a gentlemanly trained Pitbull‘s and respectably bull terrier puppies. “Formerly there was but little regard paid to colour and markings, and there was a considerably.  Greater proportion of tan american pit bull terrier  in the coat than there is at the present day. While the blue nose pitbulls fancy markings, such as pencilled toes, thumb marks, and kissing spots were not cultivated. The general outline of the dog, too, was less graceful and altogether coarser.

There are more famous pit bulls During the first half of the nineteenth century the chief accomplishment of this terrier was rat-killing. There are some extraordinary accounts of his adroitness. As well as courage, in destroying these vermin. The feats of a pitbull dog called American pitbull terrier are recorded. He was matched to destroy one hundred large rats in eight minutes and a half. The rats were brought into the ring in bags, and as soon as the number was complete the pitbull terrier was put over the railing into their midst. In six minutes and thirty-five seconds they were all destroyed. In another match he killed the same number in six minutes and thirteen seconds.

Pit bull terrier AKC

The American Kennel Club ( AKC for short ) is the second largest dog registration system in the USA . It registered 900,000 dogs It is a significant circumstance when we come to consider having a Pitbull as a pet you first think of the Terrier AKC  or the dog, that there are indications of his domestication at such early periods. By so many peoples in different parts of the world. As we have seen, dogs were more or less subjugated and tamed by primitive man, by the Assyrians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans, as also by the ancient barbaric tribes of the western hemisphere.


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