What is a pomsky and what is the history

What is a pomsky and what is the history
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What is a pomsky and what is the history behind this mix?

The Pomsky is a designer dog and I would caution any buyer to think twice before acquiring one.

The Pomsky is a cross between a Female Siberian Husky and a Male Pomeranian (dogs).
It is very important to understand that in the past, dogs where bred to do work and make the lives of people easier.
But with the advent of cars, electricity, and computers, dogs where not as necessary as they once were.
Suddenly people just started buying dogs because they were “cute”.  And some dog breeders responded to this buying trend. Some breeders use dogs solely to earn a living. In other words, they make money by breeding dogs.

While it is true that some current dogs breeds have been created solely by accident, (the Chesapeake Bay Retriever for example), other dogs breeds, known as “Designer Breeds”, have been created because of their adorable appearance.

My expert advice is to get a dog that will suit your family’s needs, comes from an established breed, or is a rescued dog from the local shelter.

What is the Pomsky lifespan and what is the history

The truth is, unless you own a wolf, all pure breeds were also mongrels. There is nothing bad about mixed breeds as long as you do your research, meet the parents, visit the breeder site, and also look for a breeder that does genetic testing. What is a pomsky and what is the history.

A study released in the 1990s claimed that all dogs were descended from the Grey Wolf but this has since been proven false!

Designer dogs are very popular for their appealing looks! But little attention is paid to temperament! Temperament means the personality of the dog! How will the dog respond to children and other dogs?

I myself have witnessed these problems with so called “designer dogs” who are bred for cuteness alone!

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