Yorkie #27


Yorkie teacup for sale online

Hairs on the sides of the head should be very long, of a few shades deeper tan than that on the top of the head, especially about the ear-roots. EYES—Medium in size, dark in colour, having a sharp, intelligent expression, and placed so as to look directly forward.  They should not be prominent. The edges of the eyelids should be dark. EARS—Small, V-shaped, and carried semi-erect, covered with short hair; colour to be a deep rich tan. MOUTH—Good even mouth; teeth as sound as possible. 

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A dog having lost a tooth or two, through accident or otherwise, is not to disqualify, providing the jaws are even. BODY—Very compact, with a good loin, and level on the top of the back. COAT—The hair, as long and as straight as possible (not wavy), should be glossy, like silk (not woolly), extending from the back of the head to the root of the tail; colour, a bright steel blue, and on no account intermingled with fawn, light or dark hairs.

Yorkie teacup for sale online

All tan should be darker at the roots than at the middle of the hairs, shading off to a still lighter tan at the tips. LEGS—Quite straight, should be of a bright golden tan, well covered with hair, a few shades lighter at the end than at the roots. FEET—As round as possible; toe-nails black. 

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TAIL—Cut to medium length; with plenty of hair, darker blue than the rest of the body, especially at the end of the tail, which is carried slightly higher than the level of the back. WEIGHT—Divided into two classes; under 5 lb. and over 5 lb. to 12 lb.

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