Yorkie #23

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Yorkie puppies for sale near me

A Yorkie puppy from a reputable Yorkie breeder like us will have a good. Even temperament and can be suitable for homes with older children. Typically, Yorkie breeders will have to carefully consider selling puppies to families with smaller children. As there is simply too much risk for the puppy being incorrectly handled by very young children. In addition, the breed is often not tolerant of teasing and may become snappish, so we make sure all our Yorkie puppies are potty-trained before leaving to their new homes.

Yorkie puppies for sale near me

Many children are very good at understanding and treating a Yorkie puppy appropriately, but often younger children simply don’t realize what they are doing is irritating or even threatening to the puppy. This can lead to future behavior problems and problems with aggression as the puppy matures. We are very careful and educate the buyer, to make sure they continue with proper training

1 review for Yorkie #23

  1. Crystal Perez

    Very interested in buying this one. Ready to give him a loving home.

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