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No doubt Maltese puppy has been cast upon the belief that the small, white, silky Canis Melitaeus is the most ancient of all the lap dogs of the Western world. Maltese puppy was a favourite in the time of Phidias; it was an especial pet of the great ladies of Imperial Rome. Firstly It appears to have come originally from the Adriatic island of Melita rather than from the Mediterranean Malta, although this supposition cannot be verified. 

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There is, however, no question that Maltese puppy is of European origin, and that the breed, as we know it to-day, has altered exceedingly little in type and size since it was alluded to by Aristotle more than three hundred years before the Christian era. One may gather from various references in literature. Furthermore  from the evidence of art, that Maltese for sale was highly valued in ancient times. Trained Maltese puppy for sale  

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Even When his favourite dog dies,” wrote Theophrastus in illustration of the vain man, “he deposits the remains in a tomb, and erects a monument over the grave. Also with the inscription, ‘Offspring of the stock of Malta.'” The “offspring of the stock of Malta” were probably first imported into England during the reign of Henry VIII.

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It is certain that Maltese puppy are loving erects a monument over the grave, with the inscription. Offspring of the stock of Maltese.

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Therefor  “offspring of the Maltese puppy  stock of Malta” were probably first imported into England during the reign of Henry VIII. It is certain that they were regarded as “meet playfellows for mincing mistresses” in the reign of Elizabeth, whose physician. Lastly Dr. Caius, alluded to them as being distinct from the Spaniel, “gentle or comforter.


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