Rottweiler 106


Trained Baby Rottweilers for sale

Rottweilers are typically territorial dogs and can be difficult to raise if they aren’t well raised from a young age. Make sure that rottweiler has an outlet for their energy, such as a dog park or running in the backyard. This will help keep them calm when indoors.

Teach your Rottie not to jump on people by using both negative reinforcement (i.e., don’t let him/her up) and positive reinforcement (giving praise after he doesn’t jump on you).

Keep training sessions short so it does not lose interest; a few minutes per session is enough time. You should never play tug of war with Rotties because they cannot tolerate being shaken around to win at this game.

Take care of Rottie’s needs first, such as food and water. If Rotties are not being fed adequately or do not have a lot of fresh drinking water available to them after training sessions, they may refuse to train further.

Don’t play rough with the rottweiler! Roughhousing can be counterintuitive – don’t make your Rottie think it has control over you. Trained Baby Rottweilers for sale

Keep in mind that rottweilers need some outside time for proper mental health; dogs are social creatures who crave attention from people other than just their family members. A dog park is an excellent place for this type of activity. Reward good behavior when necessary by providing treats or praise. This will help reinforce positive behaviors instead of Rotties being reinforced for the negative ones.


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