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The following is the standard description and points of the Maltese Club of Kenels

HEAD—Should not be too narrow, but should be of a Terrier shape, not too long, but not apple-headed. EARS—Should be long and well feathered, and hang close to the side of the head, the hair to be well mingled with the coat at the shoulders. EYES—Should be a dark brown, with black eye rims and not too far apart. NOSE—Should be pure black. LEGS AND FEET—Legs should be short and straight, feet round, and the pads of the feet should be black.

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BODY AND SHAPE—Should be short and cobby, low to the ground, and the back should be straight from the top of the shoulders to the tail.  TAIL AND CARRIAGE—Should be well arched over the back and well feathered. COAT, LENGTH AND TEXTURE—Should be a good length, the longer the better, of a silky texture, not in any way woolly, and should be straight. COLOUR—It is desirable that they should be pure  White, but slight lemon marks should not count against them. 

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CONDITION AND APPEARANCE—Should be of a sharp Terrier appearance, with a lively action, the coat should not be stained, but  should be well groomed in every way. SIZE—The most approved weights should be from 4 lb. to 9 lb. The smaller the better, but it is desirable that they should not exceed 10 lb. Tiny Maltese puppy Available online

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There seems to be no doubt that the fawn-coloured Maltese enjoys the antiquity of descent that is attached to the Greyhound. The Maltese dog, and some few other venerable breeds. 

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Although much has been written on the origin of these dogs, nothing authentic has been discovered in connection with it. Statements have appeared from time to time to the effect that the Maltese was brought into this country from Holland.


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