Rottweiler 103


Raise rottweiler puppy for sale

For the Rottweiler breed we offer One, Two, and Three week Dog Board & Train Programs, Puppy Board & Training, Beginning and Advanced Dog Obedience Training, Therapy Dog Training, Service Dog Training, Puppy Training, Private and In-Home Dog Training, and much more to the Rottweiler breed in Greater.

Rottweiler A Good Family Dog

Rotties are very patient being around children, and rottweilers, in general, tend to have a gentle demeanor. They also generally don’t bark or growl at small kids (which is always helpful) and they’re usually more playful than aggressive. These dogs can be surprisingly sweet when it comes to interacting with toddlers who might not know how rough certain pets can get! However, Rotties do need plenty of socialization during puppy training classes, as well as ongoing exposure to new people and places so that you can give your Rottie positive experiences with them from an early age–a Rottie may behave differently if left alone for too long without any human contact.

Raise rottweiler puppy for sale

Rotties are an intelligent breed and they like to be challenged. They love a good game of fetch or Frisbee tossing! You can also make them smarter by training tricks with your Rottie pup; just remember that these high-energy dogs need plenty of exercise as well.


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