Red Nose Pitbull

  • Name: Micky
  • Breed: Red Nose Pitbull Puppy
  • Born: 10 Ago
  • Sex : male
  • Color : blue
  • Available: Yes
  • Price:…$850


Purebred Red Nose Pitbull

There is perhaps no breed of dog that in so short a time has been improved so much as the Red Nose Pitbull available. He is now a very beautiful animal, whereas but a few years back, although maybe there were a few fairly nice specimens. The Purebred Red Nose Pitbull is by far the greater number were certainly the reverse of this.

In place of the shaggy, soft-coated, ugly-coloured brute with large hound ears and blue full eyes. We have now a very handsome creature, possessing all the points that go to make a really first-class Pitbull terrier puppy for sale of taking color. Symmetrical build, full of character and “go,” amply justifying—in looks, at any rate—its existence as a bull terrier.

Whether it is common sense to call a dog weighing 40 lb. to 50 lb. a terrier is a question that one often hears discussed. The fact remains the dog is a Red Nose Pitbull available—a sort of glorified edition of what we understand by the word, it is true, but in points, looks, and character, trained and playful.

Pitbull terrier nevertheless are the best puppy breed be it in security of what so ever, and it is impossible otherwise to classify him.

People will ask: “How can he be a Red nose Pitbull Lab mix? Why he is an outrage on the very word. Which can only mean a dog to go to ground; and to what animal in the country of his birth can a Red Nose Pitbull go to ground?”. Above ground and in water, however, Purebreds pitbulls for sale can, and does, perform in a very excellent manner everything that any other terrier can do. As a Guard dog he is, of course, in his element;.

Red Nose Pitbull puppy for work on land requiring a hard, strong, fast and resolute terrier he is, needless to say, of great value; and he is said to be also, well trained—as can easily be imagined when one considers his power of scent, his strength, sagacity, and speed—a most excellent pet-dog. He is, in fact, a general utility dog, for add to the above-mentioned qualities those of probably an incomparable guard and a most excellent companion, faithful and true, and ask yourself what do you want more, and what breed of dog, taken all round, can beat him

2 reviews for Red Nose Pitbull

  1. Hairstyles

    Got the order quickly and the toy, well we have to confiscate it during the human’s sleep. Monty’s brakes are not good on the tiles so he is noisy while playing. Thank you Team.

  2. Ponytail Hairstyles

    I found the videos on your Facebook profile very informative. I found exactly what I needed for my dog and am excited for it to be delivered

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