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In general, it is true economy for the Frenchie Bulldog breeder to provide a foster-mother in readiness for the birth of the expected litter; especially is this so in the case of a first litter. When the qualifications for nursing by the mother are unknown. Where there are more than five puppies it is also desirable to obtain a foster-mother in order that full nourishment may be given to the litter by both mothers.

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The best time of the year for puppies to be born is in the spring, when, owing to the approaching warm weather, they can lead an outdoor life. By the time they are six months old they should have sufficient stamina to enable them to withstand the cold of the succeeding winter. It has been ascertained that French Bulldogs which have been reared out of doors are the least liable to suffer from indigestion, torpidity of the liver, asthma or other chest ailments, whilst they invariably have the hardiest constitution. Pure french bulldog for sale online.

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Ready French Bulldogs generally require liberal feeding. And should have a meal of dry biscuit the first thing in the morning. Whilst the Bull Frenchies evening meal should consist of a good stew of butcher’s offal poured over broken biscuit. Bread, or other cereal food. In the winter time it is advantageous to soak a tablespoonful of linseed in water overnight. And after the pods have opened to turn the resulting jelly into the stew pot. This ensures a fine glossy coat, and is of value in toning up the intestines.

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The umbilical cord should be severed from the afterbirth about four inches from the puppy. And this will dry up and fall away in the course of a couple of days.


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