Birth Date: LAST 2 MONTHS
Date Available: NOW
Meet SKY ! The most adorable female Alaskan Klee Kai x pomsky for adoption puppy you will see! She even has TWO bright blue eyes!! Raised underfoot , on a big horse farm with children and other animals.she is is recognizable by double coat


Pomsky for adoption:

The breed belongs to the Spitz genetic family.

She is a recognizable breed of pomsky puppy very rare. She is a very  thickly furred double coat, . Her names is Sky she is A.K.C Registered. She has had all her,  Shots till date erect triangular ears. Moreover, sky love rhyming around the  distinctive markings. She smaller than a very similar-looking dog the Alaskan Malamute.

In Choosing a cute Pomsky Puppy Don’t be too set on gender / color ahead of meeting the litter as you want to meet as many puppies as you can and see where you feel the biggest bond.  Prepare for your icy heart to melt in seconds! We are reputable and experienced breeder.  The more detail on their name / profile the better.  You should not collect your puppy before 8 weeks. About pomsky for adoption black and white male pomsky cuty are common

Collection Day Plan your journey, think about how far your need to and where might be good go to stop if required.  Make sure you have enough room in the car if you’re also collecting a crate etc.  Take somebody with you!

Medication If you collect 8 weeks old pomsky puppy they should have had 1 vaccination.  They will need 1-2 more plus monthly worming and flea treatments.  your puppy at Make an appointment with your vets in the first 2-3 weeks of getting your puppy. Do some research on vaccinations and see what you think it best for your puppy.  Our breeder recommended 2 instead of 3. Also, remember that no reputable breeder would let you collect your puppy before 8 weeks of age as it’s important that they remain with their litter until then.


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