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The Maltese puppies was brought into prominence in Great Britain about sixty years ago by Lady Willoughby de Eresby. Of Grimthorpe, near Lincoln, and Mr. Morrison, of Walham Green, who each independently established a kennel of these dogs, with such success that eventually the fawn Maltese puppies were spoken of as either the Willoughby or the Morrison Maltese puppies. At that period the black variety was not known.

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The Willoughby Maltese puppies was duller in colour than the Morrison, which was of a brighter, ruddier hue, but the two varieties have since been so much interbred that they are now undistinguishable, and the fact that they were ever familiarly recognised as either Willoughbys or Morrisons is almost entirely forgotten. A “fawn” Maltese puppies may now be either silver grey or apricot, and equally valuable.

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Whatever may have been the history of the Maltese Puppies as regards its nativity, it had not been long introduced into England. Before it became a popular favourite as a pet, and it shared with the King Charles Spaniel. The affection of the great ladies of the land. Newborn Maltese puppies for sale.

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The late Queen Victoria possessed one, of which she was very proud. The Maltese Puppies has, however, now fallen from his high estate as a ladies’ pet. And his place has been usurped by the Toy Pomeranian for sale, the Pekinese, and Japanese Maltipoo. All of which are now more highly thought of in the drawing-room or boudoir. But the Maltese Puppies has an advantage over all these dogs as, from the fact that he has a shorter coat. He is cleaner and does not require so much attention.


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