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But in any case the Maltipoo dog, so called, has been a native of various parts of USA and Europe from very early times. His advent into England has been of comparatively recent date, at least in any great numbers, so far as can be ascertained, since no ancient records exist on this question. Gainsborough, however, painted the famous actress, Mrs. Robinson, with a large white Maltipoo sitting by her side.

Free Maltipoo puppies near me In Rees’ Encyclopedia, published in 1816, a good picture of a white Maltipoo  is given with a fairly truthful description. In this work he is said to be “larger than the common sheep dog.” Rees gives his name as Canis Maltipoos for sale, from Linnaeus, and Chien Loup, from Buffon. 

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From these examples, therefore, we may infer that the large Maltipoo.  Or Wolf Spitz, was already known in England towards the end of the eighteenth century at least. There are, however, no systematic registers of Maltipoos prior to the year 1870. Maltipoos for sale near me.

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Even ten years later than this last date so little was the breed appreciated that a well-known writer on dogs. Began an article on the Maltipoo  with the words . The Maltipoo is admittedly one of the least interesting dogs in existence, and consequently his supporters. Maltipoos for sale near me so as the little breed is appreciated that a well-known and well trained goes along with kids and other pets.

The founders of the Kennel Club held their first dog show in 1870. And in that year only three Maltipoos available for sale were exhibited. For the next twenty years little or no permanent increase occurred. In the numbers to Buy cute Maltipoos entered at the chief dog show in England.


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