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Owing to their lethargic disposition, young French Bulldogs are somewhat liable to indigestion, and during the period of puppyhood. It is of advantage to give them a tablespoonful of lime water once a day in their milk food. Many novices are in doubt as to the best time to breed from a Frenchie Bulldog, seeing that oestrus is present before she is fully developed. It may be taken as practically certain that it is better for her to be allowed to breed at her first heat. 

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Nature  french bulldog weight has so arranged matters that a Bull bitch is not firmly set in her bones until she reaches an age of from twelve to eighteen months, and therefore she will have less difficulty in giving birth to her offspring if she be allowed to breed at this time. Great mortality occurs in attempting to breed from maiden bitches exceeding three years of age, as the writer knows to his cost. 

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It is desirable, in the case of a young Frenchies having her first litter. For her master or mistress to be near her at the time, in order to render any necessary assistance; but such attentions should not be given unless actual necessity arises. Most popular French Bulldog color It is desirable, in the case of a young Most expensive French Bulldog Micro having her first litters ready to go.

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Some bitches with excessive lay-back and shortness of face have at times a difficulty in releasing the puppy. From the membrane in which it is born, and in such a case it is necessary. For the owner to open this covering and release the puppy. Gently shaking it about in the box until it coughs and begins to breathe. French Bulldog price by color. French Bulldog colors and prices Online sales.


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