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The early type of a Small Maltipoo was that of a dog varying from 10 lb. or 12 lb. weight up to 20 lb. weight. Or even more, and some few of about 12 lb. and over are still to be met with. But the tendency among present-day breeders is to get them as small as possible, so that diminutive specimens weighing less than 5 lb. are now quite common, and always fetch higher prices than the heavier ones. 

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The dividing weight, as arranged some ten years ago by the Small Maltipoo Club, is 8 lb., and the Kennel Club has recently divided the breed into two classes of Small Maltipoo and Small Maltipoo Miniature. As a rule the white specimens adhere more nearly to the primitive type, and are generally over 8 lb. in weight, but through the exertions of many breeders. 

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Several are now to be seen under this limit. The principal breeders of this colours in England to-day are Miss Hamilton of Rozelle, Miss Chell, Miss Lee-Roberts, Mrs. Pope, and Mrs. Goodall-Copestake. The first two whites to become full champions under Kennel Club rules were Rob of Rozelle and Konig of Rozelle, both belonging to Miss Hamilton of Rozelle. Teacup Maltipoo full grown

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More black Small Maltipoo have been bred in England than of any other colour. And during the last fifteen years the number of good. Specimens that have appeared at our great exhibitions has been legion. Cheap Maltipoo puppies for sale carried perfectly erect. Like those of a fox, and, like the head, should be covered with short, soft hair.


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