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The breeding of French Bulldog requires unlimited patience, as success is very difficult to attain. The breeder who can rear five out of every ten puppies born may be considered fortunate. It is frequently found in what appears to be a healthy lot of French Bulldog puppies. That some of them begin to whine and whimper towards the end of the first day. And in such cases the writer’s experience is that there will be a speedy burial.

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It may be that the cause is due to some acidity of the milk, but in such a case one would expect that similar difficulty would be experienced with the remainder of the litter, but this is not the usual result. Provided that the Frenchies can be kept alive until the fourth day, it may be taken that the chances are well in flavour of ultimate success.


Many French Bulldog breeders object to feeding the mother with meat at this time, but the writer once had two French bulldog litter sisters who whelped on the same day, and he decided to try the effect of a meat versus farinaceous diet upon them. As a result the bitch who was freely fed with raw beef reared a stronger lot of Frenchies puppies, showing better developed bone, than did the one who was fed on milk and cereals. New Potty trained  blue french bulldog

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Similarly, in order that the French Bulldog puppy, after weaning, may develop plenty of bone and muscle. It is advisable to feed once a day upon finely minced raw meat. There are some successful breeders, indeed. Who invariably give to each puppy a teaspoonful of cod liver oil in the morning and a similar dose of extract of malt in the evening. With the result that there are never any rickety or weak dogs in the kennels. Whilst the development of the bones in the skull and limbs is most pronounced.

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