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Breed: Pomsky
Name: Scot
Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Birth Date: 12 weeks ago
Date Available: Ready to go


Buy a pomsky that is well trained and very playful. Moreover, Scot will make the best pet partner you can ever have 100% guaranteed. Scot is a pomsky full grown puppy size. The baby pomsky puppies informations has all the Pomsky characteristics. Just a perfect companion for anyone looking for a pet playmate and partner. Scot is originating from Siberian Husky and Pomeranian mix.

To make you pomsky pet dog love you, we give your pomsky cuties tredts and play puppy games with them . They will start to associate positive experiences with you. Be respectful of their likes and dislikes . Use the three second rule to see if they like things . 1 your do Pomsky Puppy tutor If you want to make sure that your dog falls in love with you , follow the tips below. Therefor first make sure that you talk to your Pomsky pet dog in a positive and high pitched voice .  Pomskies understand quite a lot of human speech . Before you buy a pomsky research suggests that praising a Pomsky dog with a positive intonation activates the reward center of their brain Make sure that you are making the dog associate positive experiences with you. 

Adding to buy a pomsky give them treats and play games with them , like tug of war , fetch , or even ” find the treat for pomsky”. Make sure that you are respectful of their likes and dislikes . You can use the 3 second rule to find what they like and dislike by doing something for three seconds joy for the Pomsky puppy , and then stop . If the dog shows interest in having you continue , go for it  i will send you a free dog training ebook. If you have any questions Kindly dm me I you already for a pomsky.

22 reviews for Scot

  1. Abi R

    I bought the Settle treats for my extremely nervous Westie. She was very jumpy in the back seat of the car, constantly chasing cars coming towards us. However, since we started her on Settle she is so much better. On recent trips she has sat quietly, looking out the window, didn’t even flinch when a motor bike over took us. Even her recent visit to groomers was less stressful. I’m absolutely delighted with the results.

  2. Jonathan McKerihan

    Competitive pricing on a great range of products. Lovely bonus of cat toy an unexpected freebie. Will be buying from them again!

  3. Georgina Haynes

    Successfully used auto delivery and misc other purchases
    Have been ordering dog food on auto delivery and various other items as required for more than 2 years. Jumbopets is quick to respond, deliver when they say they will and its easy to change autodelivery schedule. Prices are very competitive.

  4. Wade Liu

    My pup was previously licking her paws and having eye allergies when she’s out and about. After using probiotic my pup has no eye allergies and her licking has reduced. Loved the results

  5. Marty Applebaum

    great service so far! The website is easy to use and checkout went smoothly. My order was dispatched quickly and I’ve been updated on all the progress via email so there’s no confusion about where the order is or if it went through. Can’t wait to receive it

  6. Rudy Maestas

    Miracle Cure. My Staffy had bad allergies. After many trips to the vet and a very unhappy little girl I ordered the skin & coat and Probiotics. It worked so fast and she was happy again. No more licking her feet or scratching. Just a happy dog again. I can’t praise this product enough. The delivery was so fast, I’m on my second order and so please.

  7. Bianca Lamington

    Yet to receive my order, but it was shipped SO much faster than I had expected it would be and they’ve sent me all the information I’d need for the supplements I’d bought for my dog even though I’m sure they didn’t need to as it would be all on the packaging. It’s nice that they’re going that extra little bit to ensure my dog’s getting exactly what she needs. I can’t wait to update with how the supplements help her.

  8. Roxie Drummond

    Our dog had been suffering with a spreading, unexplained skin rash for weeks (perhaps from gut issues after he had to have antibiotics a few months earlier? Perhaps seasonal?), meds from the vet as well as shampoos did barely anything to help his itching. Luckily, a friend at the dog park had had the same issue and recommended the gut & skin combination supplement… just like had happened with her dog, the rash improved within days and was all gone soon thereafter. We just keep going for the 3 months and might repeat yearly. Excellent supplements, and our dog loves the taste!

  9. Megan Atkinson

    Easy to order anything, there’s a place where if you have a question you can ask it and receive an answer. It’s a bit more difficult out of hours but that’s to be expected and they do send an email answering your question. They seem genuinely interested in your questions as well as your pets and always ask for photos of you fur babies. I really like Petz Park and their products ✨🌟😊🐶

  10. Georgina Haynes

    I love it is australian made and delivery came so fast. But my problem is my cats hates the Probiotic supplement powder and dental kelp powder. I have tried small amounts into their food and other ways and my cats won’t eat their wet or dry food.

  11. Nancy Emma

    I was really impressed with the size of the puppy and how healthy it was. The packaging and instructions were excellent. Would certainly purchase from this company again.

  12. Megan Atkinson

    Absolutely excellent service
    Absolutely excellent service. My item was delivered on time and the delivery people were excellent. Thank you so much for a very pleasant transaction.

  13. Rose Emilie

    Loving the bed🤩
    Delivery was a bit long but i guess its coz of the confinement. For my english cocker i took size L i wonder next time to take XL. Its kinda small for him but anyway we r loving the bed so much🤩

  14. Nancy Emma

    Very good Family, amazing quality. My puppy loves playing and sleeping in it. I have washed it twice and it dries fast and maintains its shape very well. Will buy a bigger size when my puppy grows up.

  15. James Atkins

    The dog bed is amazing – soft and welcoming, and both of my dogs love it. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is that it took several weeks to be delivered (but I live in France, so maybe it came from elsewhere?). Anyway it’s an excellent bed, definitely recommend it and remember to get a size that’s a bit smaller than you usually would, as they love to squeeze into it (at least, that’s what mine do!!) 😉

  16. Anita Gro

    I use to love puppyfind.
    It was wonderful but now so many have changed and in my opinion it’s more about rescues instead of breeders but the breeders are paying.
    You can’t delete false reviews from buyers like you use to be able to. Not that it has come up.
    With puppyfind you could look for breed via breed and state and now most breeders are being washed out. Extremely disappointed that puppyfind made this change.
    I guess I’ll be on the search for a new site!

  17. Libby Evans

    When our second bag of puppy tales products came through the letter box, our pup immediately started doing his happy, spinning in circles dance! When our pup was only 4 months old we didn’t want to get him anything too hard but his fav hobby was chewing. When I found Puppy Tales and saw they had a puppy specific bundle it made my life much easier without doing hours of research on what my pup could have. Not only have his adult teeth come through perfectly (with a lot of help from his puppy tales chews) but his coat and digestive health are in perfect shape and I am convinced it’s a mixture of his food and the complementary chews from puppy tales! He loves all the chews he’s had, they keep him busy for ages and we don’t need to worry about them containing anything dodgy like raw hide. I’ll be continuing to buy from puppy tales as long as we have dogs!

  18. Michael Sinclair

    I have used these products since our pup was 8 weeks. Great quality and always delivered on time. Customer service is also wonderful as I have had to contact them in regards to changing products due to allergies. Wouldn’t go anywhere else now and would highly recommend.

  19. Angeline Blow

    I order off this company all the time, and they’re great. But much like the other reviews on here, I ordered at the start of December and still haven’t received my products. I’ve emailed them three times and had no response, so I’ve had to create a chargeback with my bank to get my money back. Such a shame and a waste of a good business.

  20. Ashlie Lopez

    Great Variety in Mega Box Order.
    Got exactly what we wanted with Long Lasting tough chews, training treats and 1 each for 2 dogs.
    Will definitely be ordering again with their favourites.
    100% recommended

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