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$1,000.00 $850.00

Breed: Pomsky
Name: Scot
Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Birth Date: 12 weeks ago
Date Available: Ready to go


Buy a pomsky that is well trained and very playful. Moreover, Scot will make the best pet partner you can ever have 100% guaranteed. Scot is a pomsky full grown puppy size. The baby pomsky puppies informations has all the Pomsky characteristics. Just a perfect companion for anyone looking for a pet playmate and partner. Scot is originating from Siberian Husky and Pomeranian mix.

To make you pomsky pet dog love you, we give your pomsky cuties tredts and play puppy games with them . They will start to associate positive experiences with you. Be respectful of their likes and dislikes . Use the three second rule to see if they like things . 1 your do Pomsky Puppy tutor If you want to make sure that your dog falls in love with you , follow the tips below. Therefor first make sure that you talk to your Pomsky pet dog in a positive and high pitched voice .  Pomskies understand quite a lot of human speech . Before you buy a pomsky research suggests that praising a Pomsky dog with a positive intonation activates the reward center of their brain Make sure that you are making the dog associate positive experiences with you. 

Adding to buy a pomsky give them treats and play games with them , like tug of war , fetch , or even ” find the treat for pomsky”. Make sure that you are respectful of their likes and dislikes . You can use the 3 second rule to find what they like and dislike by doing something for three seconds joy for the Pomsky puppy , and then stop . If the dog shows interest in having you continue , go for it  i will send you a free dog training ebook. If you have any questions Kindly dm me I you already for a pomsky.


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