Breed: Petty Pomsky mix
Sex: Female
Size: Large
Location: Denver CO
Birth Date: 10 weeks ago
Date Available: Now

These adorable husky baby  have such a sweet and loving temperament and will be sure to snatch your heart the first timer you meet! They are up to date on all their shots and dewormer so you can be sure to bring home a happy and healthy pup! Call today to schedule a visit with these sweethearts!


Blue eyed pomsky for sale AKC registered friendly play mate and fun to be with. She goes along with kids and other pets best litters ever.This blue pomsky is a Great breed for First-Time Dog Owners make her your friend and you will enjoy her more is a medium-sized working dog breed. Pomsky breeders prefer female puppies because they believe they have pomsky temperament and easily adapt to their environment. Pomsky prices vary females are more expensive than the male Pomsky puppies .

Our breeder recommended 2 vaccines instead of 3. Also, remember that no reputable breeder would let you collect your puppy before 8 weeks of age as it’s important that they remain with their litter until then. Pomsky Puppies Crate training is a great option for helping your puppy teel secure.  Also acts as a portable bedroom for the little pomsky baby so great if you like to travel.

Keep your recycling a few weeks before your puppY arrives.  Toilet rolls, milk cartons, egg boxes all make free, disposable toys!  milk

Never leave your puppy unattended. Blue eyed pomsky for sale . They’ll find wires, trainers, clothes to chew on or things to knock over in seconds!  If you need to leave the room or go out, put your puppy in its crate or sate area.  This is a bit of serious one but I think it’s good to remind everyone quickly how  pomsky puppies can find mischief.  It’s absolutely not worth the stress or worry, so put them in their safe place and put your mind at rest


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