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Best toys for 8 week old puppy

Due to the puppy’s rapid development from 2 months to 10 months, it is important to give him the right toys, and both the breed and personality of the dog can affect which toys can become the puppies’ favorites. If your pup is full of energy and enjoys a challenge, they’ll love a toy they can dive into or a toy that offers treats. Some puppies like to play with a soft toy, while other dogs may tear it apart.

How do you keep a 110lb puppy entertained when you have to keep him indoors because of the heat? Chew toys just don’t cut it with him.

If you have NOT been doing your Puppy Basic Obedience Training, NOW IS THE TIME…

If you HAVE, you can start adding more Advanced Obedience skills like…

Bark at strangers but STOP on command

Sit Quietly at the Door while the Humans receive a package or visitor

Or start some new skills like…

Finding Objects by Name

Finding a scented lure

Carrying Objects

Carrying Objects to a Named Destination

There are plenty of opportunities to train if you make all training a GAME…

If you have the room, you can even consider getting a used treadmill to provide some high intensity exercise in the cool of your house…

Ultimately, a Tired Dog, either from mental challenge or physical exercise is a GOOD DOG…

Puppy Binkie – Soft Teething Rubber, Treat Dispensing Dog Toy – for Small Puppies – Blue

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Nylabone Puppy Ring Bone Chew Toy – Puppy Chew Toys for Teething – Puppy Supplies – Chicken Flavor, Small/Petite

Best Pet Supplies Crinkle Dog Toy for Small, Medium, and Large Breeds, Cute No Stuffing Duck with Soft Squeaker,

Best toys for 8 week old puppy

What are the best puppy toys?
The best puppy toys are those that are safe, durable, and cater to your puppy’s age and chewing preferences. Consider toys made of soft rubber, plush fabric, or durable materials designed for teething puppies. Interactive toys that encourage mental stimulation and physical activity are also beneficial. Rotate toys regularly to keep your puppy engaged and prevent boredom. For recommendations on specific toys

This is a VERY young puppy to be on it’s own away from it’s litter. For my litters, I use a variety of toys and alternate them so they also provide entrichment. Could be anything really – rope toys, knotted rope balls, plush toys though these should be monitored, latex squeaky toys, and I will get creative for introducing different sounds by tearing labels off drink bottles and placing things inside them like a handful of pennies so they rattle when they roll. Other bottles I slightly crush before recapping so they can bite on them. I also like large beach balls that can be rolled and pounced on. Every litter REALLY enjoys tunnels you can buy from Amazon at affordable prices. I like the cat sized ones because they not only play inside them but enjoy going over the top of them as well. Best toys for 8 week old puppy.