Pet and Animal Stories

Pet and Animal Stories

“You promised, cousin Ida, to read about the Stockholm dog.”
“I will, Minnie; but uncle George has something to tell you.”
“Read it now, Ida,” said Mr. Lee, “and I will relate my stories afterward.”
“A captain of an English merchant vessel arrived in the port of Stockholm, in Sweden, and was soon afterward seized with an illness, of which he died. At the time of his death, he had on board a fine, large Newfoundland dog, which was fondly attached to him. On the day of the captain’s funeral, Neptune was allowed to follow his poor master to the grave; and, after the funeral ceremony had been performed, the officers and crew made every exertion to induce the dog to follow them to the ship, but all in vain; and their endeavors to catch him providing fruitless, they left him in the churchyard.
“During the short time the ship remained in port, Neptune might be seen at all times lying with his head on the grave, and every day the sailors brought him his food; but he was so vigilant on these occasions that they never could get near him, to take him back to the ship, and they were obliged to sail without him. Amazing pet stories.

The Intelligent Poodles. Pet and Animal Stories

“The neighboring Swedish inhabitants, in admiration of the extraordinary attachment displayed by this animal to his late master, made arrangements among themselves to supply him with his daily food; and, as the weather soon became extremely cold, a subscription was made, to build him a comfortable doghouse, which was placed near the grave.
“It was affecting to see how earnestly Neptune gazed into every new-made grave, proving that he cherished the hope of seeing his beloved master again.
“He remained on the grave for several years, and came to be called the dog of Stockholm, when, one day, he was found dead at his post.” Pet and Animal Stories

Essential Things Every Dog Owner Should Know Before Buying Vet approved toys for puppies

1. Avoiding Toys with Harmful Chemicals
2. The Dangers of Strings, Ribbons, and Eyes
3. Checking for a Quality Guarantee
4. Discarding Damaged Toys Promptly
5. Choosing the Right Material for Chew Toys
6. Rubber Toys for Safety and Durability
7. The Risk of Squeaky Toys
8. Soft Toys Should be Well-Stitched and Machine-Washable
9. The Importance of Regular Toy Inspections
10. Never Substitute Household Items for Dog Toys